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Are you already confident with the basics of Italian, including expressing yourself in the past and describing events in the past (Passato Prossimo and the Imperfetto)?

Have you studied Italian previously but have ended up frustrated and unsatisfied with your limited progress to date?

Are you still lacking the confidence to speak the Italian language and struggle to express yourself freely and naturally like an adult?

Then Intermediate Italian Level 2 is for you!

CONTINUE Your journey to fluency in Italian

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This course is the fourth level of our revolutionary Italian program



Intermediate Italian Level 2 takes you deeper into the more complex, intricate aspects of Italian that will help you to start speaking more confidently and give you the tools you need to express yourself authentically in Italian like an adult.

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The course is expertly structured in a clear, logical and methodical way, teaching you everything you need to know, at the exact right time, in the most effective order. 

You will find it full of fun and engaging lessons and learning activities all designed to give you the best possible foundation as an Intermediate-level student.

Our courses are designed to make you feel like you are learning Italian with a private tutor, in the comfort of your own home. It’s like Manu is there in the room with you, interacting and engaging with you, guiding you every step of the way.

So, whether it’s your second, third or tenth time trying to learn Italian, look no further than Intermediate Italian Level 2!

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Italy Made Easy is specifically designed for English Speakers

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Manu's logical, innovative program has enabled me to learn verb conjugations, articles and adjectives, and nuances of the language in a way that no other approach has. He offers clear explanations in English, delves at times into the finer points of linguistics but never gets bogged down in the minutiae of rules, and encourages speaking and even thinking in Italian so that the student doesn't have to constantly try to translate in his or her head.
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What Comes With The Course?

Intermediate Italian Level 2 is comprised of 12 units in total, each made up of 4 – 7 individual core lessons that focus on a specific topic.

The core lessons are in-depth and academic, but are delivered in a way that is easy and fun to follow. In addition to these core lessons, each unit contains a diverse range of fun and engaging exercises to complement the unit content and to practice and deepen your understanding of the topic. 

Practice lessons

creative writing exercises

flashcard vocabulary

listening and comprehension exercises

conversational phrases

real conversation analysis

Interactive Quizzes

dedicated forum


Practice lessons after each core lesson

Put into practice and reiterate what you have just learned in the core lesson

Guaranteed to help you absorb and assimilate the content thoroughly

Up to 5 practice activities per core lesson – practice makes perfect!

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Creative Writing Exercises

Get creative writing fun, short stories incorporating the key vocabulary, expressions and grammar you have learned from the relevant unit

Unleash your brain power to exercise what you already know

Listening and comprehension exercises

Watch and listen to real video clips in Italian and answer some questions to test and improve your listening and comprehension skills of authentic, spoken Italian

Video Analysis: Dissect the language from the video in great detail to get a deeper understanding of the meaning and gain new insights into how Italian works

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Some of things I like about this program are, lots of different exercises, ability to learn at different levels, listening comprehension exercises with related pdf, lessons that address a variety of grammar issues, such as ce,ne, reflexive verbs, the two past tenses, being able to tune in at your leisure and jump into any exercise that interests you, listening comprehension exercises in slow Italian, a very personable instructor who is genuinely interested in your progress.
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Our courses come with many additional materials

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conversational phrases

Learn a ton of extremely handy phrases that will give your Italian an immediate upgrade

Not your typical phrase-book style robotic phrases, Manu gives you key words and expressions that form part of a natural conversation

Add these phrases to your current speaking repertoire to instantly sound more natural and authentic when conversing with Italians

real conversational analysis

Listen to genuine, unscripted conversations between two Italians discussing a certain topic. A great way to get exposed to authentic, natural Italian as it is really spoken by Italians

Absorb a ton of expressions that Italians use in everyday conversation

Work through each typical phrase or expression tthat the speakers use and do a thorough analysis of meaning and use in context

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Interactive Quizzes

Consolidate everything you have learned in the unit and test your knowledge. You will get an instant evaluation and will see your mark immediately!
Detailed explanations of the correct answers are also provided for each question
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Interactive Vocabulary Flashcards

A fun way to memorize and recall the new vocabulary that you learn in each unit

Always accessible so you can practice your vocabulary anywhere, anytime!

online forums

Dedicated forum under each lesson to ask questions and share tips.

Direct access to our team of friendly native Italian experts.
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Most importantly of all – Our courses in From Zero To Italian focus on what really matters:

Understanding Italian and being able to actually speak it!

The knowledge and skills you gain in Intermediate Italian Level 2 will give you tthe best possible foundation to continue your Italian-learning journey as an Intermediate level student, taking you towards your ultimate goal of fluency!

You will feel much more confident after having completed this course and be amazed at your progress. 

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+350 Lesson Pages

Detailed explanations on how the Italian language works

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+350 Practice Pages

Exercises dedicated to the practice of the Italian language

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+300 New Vocabulary

13 Flashcards sets to learn more than 300 new words

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What's included?

Main program

From Zero To Italian is the mother of all Italian programs, designed to take you from “zero” – not knowing any Italian – all the way to fluency.

Other Programs

A set of programs that help improve learning in different areas: pronunciation, comprehension, immersion, practice.


We offer a comprehensive range of language learning tools: video lessons, audio materials, PDFs, and more.


Explore the beauty of Italy and improve your language skills with native speakers in our exclusive language learning community.


We provide all the assistance you need while learning Italian, so you never feel alone on your journey.

Beginner Italian Level 1

Learn the basics of Italian language and pronunciation. Master simple descriptions, express preferences, ask questions, and learn to interact with others in Italian.

Beginner Italian Level 2

Master the art of discussing past events, voicing uncertainty, and lodging complaints in italian.

Intermediate Italian Level 1

Enhance italian pronunciation, sentence structure, and master describing past events and discussing habitual actions.

Intermediate Italian Level 2

Learn advanced Italian techniques for comparing, giving commands, talking about future events, expressing doubts, and making assumptions.

Intermediate Italian Level 3

Learn advanced communication techniques that require complex grammar and verb tenses, like making assumptions using the conditional or subjunctive.

Intermediate Italian Level 4

The final level of the From Zero to Italian program comprehensively addresses all outstanding concepts of Italian grammar and linguistics, with the objective of attaining complete fluency. (*Coming in 2025)

Advanced Italian Contents

Resources to help you work and continuously improve in advanced level Italian language. (*Coming in 2025)

Learn Italian With Audio Program: "Eccoci Italia"

Enhance your Italian comprehension skills with our immersive audiobook learning program.
There are two paths to choose from: a custom path designed specifically for beginners, and another custom path tailored for intermediate learners.

How to do Italian Immersion from Home

This course focuses on techniques for immersing yourself in the Italian language. It provides methods, strategies, and useful materials for immersion.

Italian Comprehension Accelerator Packs

Italian language resources packs with carefully designed methods and different levels to improve listening and comprehension skills through audio materials.

Master Italian Pronunciation

Master the art of pronouncing Italian flawlessly, from the fundamentals to the most advanced level. (*New Version Coming in 2025)

All Upcoming Courses!

Throughout your access period, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the courses that will be made available.

Video and Audio Lessons

Our courses offer video lessons that can be accessed at any time and from any place. Additionally, you have the option to listen to the audio-only MP3 version.

PDF with Lessons Explanation and Exercises

Our courses come with in-depth PDFs that provide thorough explanations of the lessons and exercises, accompanied by complete solutions.


In our Beginners and Intermediate courses, we offer interactive quizzes to evaluate your progress and boost your success.

Vocabulary Sets

Discover our extensive vocabulary sets in the Beginners and Intermediate courses to elevate your proficiency in Italian.

Audio and Video Resources for Immersion in Italian

Discover a diverse array of Italian videos, audio resources, and curated radio stations to fully immerse yourself in the Italian language.

Resources to Practice the Italian Language

Discover our collection of Italian articles meticulously crafted by our team of native speakers. Immerse yourself in the richness of the language as you delve into intriguing insights about Italy and its mesmerizing culture.

Exclusive Internal Social Network

Join our exclusive internal social network where our team of native speakers shares daily photos, posts, and videos related to Italy and Italian culture. Immerse yourself in Italy and practice your language skills. Connect with other language learners who share your passion for Italian and make new friends!

Connect and Chat with Other Members

Connect with fellow students who share your interests and engage with them through our exclusive internal messaging service.

Join our themed social groups managed by native Italian speakers. You can interact, comment, and share your thoughts, phrases, and videos about Italy and Italian culture.

Beginners-Only Community

Become a part of the exclusive group committed to beginners – an absolutely secure space where you can delve into bilingual posts perfectly suited to your level!

Italy Made Easy Awards

Every month, the Italy Made Easy team gives prizes to students who have worked hard and dedicated themselves to learning Italian and contributing to the Italy Made Easy community in the previous month. Could you be our next winner?

Get Support on Every Topic

Do you have any questions about a topic? Don't hesitate to ask in the Forum! Each lesson is complemented by a dedicated section where you can seek answers from our team of native speakers.

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Use our search engine to find the topic you're interested in. You can search through all the lessons, resources, and the entire platform.

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Stay on top of your learning journey with the designated section to track your progress. Keep your motivation levels soaring

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