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If you are here, we know one thing: you are serious about being able to speak and understand Italian. Our mission is to help you make it happen!

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From Zero To Italian

Beginner Italian Level 1
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Intermediate Italian Level 1
Intermediate Italian Level 2
Intermediate Italian Level 3
Intermediate Italian Level 3
FZTI - Advanced Italian Levels 1 & 2
Advanced Italian Levels

Not sure about your level?

Learn Italian with Audio

Learn Italian With Audio” was born of the need to provide adults with invaluable audio material designed to actually help you, as a passionate adult student of Italian, learn and improve your Italian, in a clear and structured way, while having fun at the same time!

What students are saying

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Our Italian language courses get the job done. At Italy Made Easy we work hard to put together most effective Italian language courses in the industry to benefit people like you, who have a true love for all things Italian and who have a dream to be able to communicate naturally and confidently in Italian.
If you've tried Apps and other magic tricks, five minute Youtube videos, listen and repeat methods, phrase books or even in-person courses or tutoring, chances are you have learned some useful things but the truth is… you know you are not a confident speaker of Italian. Yet! 
Trust us though: if you have tried Italian before and failed (or just didn't get too far), it was not your fault; it was the method you used that failed you
We are certain you can learn to communicate in Italian and be excellent at it.
We have thousands of students who are a testament of that. And we are eager to add you to the list of committed people who we've helped become fluent in Italian.
And, if you are totally new to Italian, you'll be glad you found us now! This will save you years of frustrations and disappointment!

A different approach that yields results

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Our Courses are different. You are never treated like a child.

In fact, Manu's teaching method is based on comparative linguistics, a fancy way of saying that you are going to leverage your fluency in English to draw quick comparisons with Italian.

This makes you learn at a much faster pace compared to the methods that use Italian to teach Italian. 

Imagine learning how to read and write music, without a single explanation in a language that you fully understand, like… your native language! That's exactly what many students attempt to do with Italian and end up frustrated and defeated. Not on our watch! 

Our students get to speak and understand spoken Italian way before students of other methods because, with our courses, you learn to overcome the fear of speaking, empowered by your knowledge and confidence in how the Italian language works.

Students LOVE our courses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Courses -

Learning Italian With Italy Made Easy

No other course or program will offer you anything close to the amount and quality of what you will get with Italy Made Easy . Remember, Italy Made Easy  is not just a simple course or program, it is an entire catalogue of Italian courses and resources, an all-inclusive Italian universe! You'll have unlimited access to a wide range of Italian courses to suit your needs and level, and a ton of other additional content and resources all aimed at improving every aspect of your Italian.

Italy Made Easy also represents outstanding value for money. Compare everything you get for the price of membership against the cost of a private tutor or another course. Everything else pales in comparison!

Furthermore, you will be learning Italian using the Italy Made Easy Method, a method that has gotten our students the results the have been wanting for so long, but failed to get with other courses and programs. The Italy Made Easy Method will not fail you. This is the experience of thousands of our students who tried learning Italian using other methods, but never made any real progress until they joined Italy Made Easy.

If you genuinely want to learn Italian the right way, we are the solution.

There is a ton of free Italian content available all over the internet and on smartphone apps, but they are free for a reason. Sure, you may find out some interesting facts, learn a bunch of isolated words and phrases, and memorize a particular grammar rule or two, but free content is rarely designed in a way that will allow you to successfully communicate in Italian. It lacks the structure and depth that are required to get meaningful results.

Every single course and resource available to you with an Italy Made Easy Membership has been meticulously designed with your success in mind.

An Italy Made Easy Membership is an investment in you. Is it your dream to speak Italian fluenty? It's a no-brainer, then. Italy Made Easy will get you there!

When you join Italy Made Easy, you will have UNLIMITED access to all of the content that we produce on our platform.

Here is everything that you will get instant and unrestricted access to:

  • Entire Program of From Zero to Italian
    Our “hero” Italian program for those who are serious about learning Italian. A revolutionary series of courses that will take you from complete beginner to fluency in Italian. Comprised of eight expertly created Italian courses, this program is designed with your success in mind.
    From Zero to Italian comprises of 2 Beginner level courses, 4 Intermediate level courses (Intermediate Italian Level 1, 2 and 3 available now, Intermediate Italian Level 4 coming soon), and 2 Advanced Level courses (coming soon)
    Each individual course takes you in-depth into the Italian language and is unlike any other course you might have tried before. These are complete, pedagogically-structured courses of the highest quality, guiding you in great detail through everything you need to know, when you need to know it.
    These courses really do work. By the end of each course, your Italian can reach a level you would not achieve with other programs. Our students' own results speak for themselves.
    Whatever your current level of Italian, you will find a course suitable for you to start or continue your Italian journey all the way to fluency.
    If you dream of speaking Italian fluently, then this is the program for you.
  • Learn Italian with Audio Courses
    Learn to understand real, spoken Italian. 12-week guided programs built around engaging and original audio novels that will vastly improve your ability to comprehend authentic Italian as it is really spoken by Italians.
    If you struggle understanding spoken Italian or simply want to significantly improve your Italian comprehension, our audio courses will get you there.
    You'll be exposed to a wide range of Italian accents and voices, just like you really would be in Italy.
    You'll follow our chapter-by-chapter study guide, leading you through targeted listening and reading exercises that will bring you to full comprehension of the Italian audio.
  • Search our Entire Library to Find the Right Lesson
    Search and instantly find content on any topic within our entire Italy Made Easy library.
    Find the perfect answer to all your Italian-related questions. Never waste precious time again looking everywhere for the answer. You'll find it right here!
  • Italy Made Easy Social Network and Community
    An exclusive members-only social network where you can interact with us and the entire community of your fellow Italian learners. Get the support and motivation you need by connecting with thousands of like-minded students. You'll never be alone on your Italian-learning journey.
  • Weekly Interactive Activities
    An interactive dashboard provides even more opportunities to immerse yourself in Italian. Engage with the Italy Made Easy team and fellow students in polls, games, quizzes, pronunciation and writing challenges, comprehension exercises and more.

The benefits of learning Italian with Italy Made Easy are many. If you are committed to learning Italian and you put in the work, here is what you can achieve with Italy Made Easy:

  • The ability to COMMUNICATE effectively in Italian – understand Italians and be understood by Italians. Finally, achieve your dream of being able to speak Italian!
  • The ability to build your own sentences and express yourself naturally as an adult. There's no parroting fixed phrases here! You will learn to express your thoughts in Italian in any number of ways, just like you do in English.
  • Fill in all the knowledge gaps you previously had and finally “get it”!
  • Improve your pronunciation and learn to speak just like a real Italian.
  • Develop excellent Listening and Comprehension skills. Learn to identify and distinguish individual sounds and words when listening to naturally spoken Italian.
  • You'll learn how to successfully learn a language and get the tools you need to immerse yourself in Italian the right way.
  • Develop a deep and expansive knowledge of Italian culture – get an authentic insider’s view from native Italians, learn the dos and don'ts of Italy, find out how to have the most rewarding experiences in Italy
  • The ability to study your Italian anytime and anywhere as Italy Made Easy  is 100% online and can be accessed from any device.
  • Become part of a global community of thousands of fellow students, with whom you can share experiences and ask questions on our members-only social network. You can connect with other students and make new, like-minded friends from all over the world
  • Maintain your commitment to mastering Italian. An Italy Made Easy membership will ensure that you stay accountable. Most people give up on learning a language because it can be an isolating, overwhelming experience when you try and do it alone. With Italy Made Easy, you'll feel constantly supported by the dedicated team, keeping you engaged and motivated as you progress on your Italian-learning journey. We are here for your success! You'll never have to do it alone again.

As an Italy Made Easy Member, you will have at your disposal more Italian content than you could ever hope for. This may be a bit overwhelming at first as you'll probably never have experienced having so many resources for learning Italian available to you in one place. That's OK!

As soon as you join Italy Made Easy, you'll have unrestricted access to everything on our platform so there's absolutely no need to stress about choosing the “right” place to start. Take advantage of everything we have to offer, you'll know what is appropriate for your level and when you are ready to try something a bit more advanced. Take your time, relax, and just enjoy the journey!

When it comes to our Flagship “hero” program, From Zero To Italian, it is important that you know which level you should start at. That's why we have created this page for you, “What is My Italian Level?“, so you can decide for yourself which level is right for you before commencing.

The truth is, you will probably never get through EVERYTHING we offer in Italy Made Easy because we will continue to publish new courses, new content, and more resources well into the future. So when we say, “Unlimited Italian“, we really mean it! As long as you are a member of Italy Made Easy, you will have infinite opportunites to master your Italian.

Yes, so many resources! Our mission at Italy Made Easy is to help you master the Italian language, and that means all aspects of the Italian language necessary to communicate successfully with Italians.

If you want to work on your Italian Listening and Comprehension, we have a series of Italian Audio Programs (currently, first edition published) specifically designed to vastly improve your Italian Listening and Comprehension skills, as well as an entire Practice Library full of monologues and dialogues in Italian.

Not to mention, we also have our Italy Made Easy Podcast that exposes you to slower but natural Italian, accompanied by downloadable PDFs with exercises to test and improve your Italian comprehension.

If you want to really focus on improving your Italian pronunciation, then our Italian Pronounciation course is for you (coming soon). You'll become so familiar with and proficient at producing all the sounds of Italian that you'll be speaking just like an Italian in no time!

Our Masterclasses are also excellent opportunities to concentrate on specific areas of Italian. Each Masterclass goes in-depth into a particular Italian topic that students often struggle with. All of your questions will be answered and every doubt you had will be gone. By the end of the class, you'll know the topic so well, you'll be able to teach it yourself!

Whatever area of Italian you want to focus on, an Italy Made Easy  will provide you with boundlesss opportunities to improve and master it!

Yes, you do. Whenever you complete any of our fully-fledged courses, you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion.

While the certificates are not officially recognized by educational or government institutions, they are genuine proof of completion of each of our courses.

If you choose to include your certification on a job or educational institute application, Italy Made Easy will happily verify, if needed, that you completed the course successfully. They also look really pretty if you just want to print them off, frame them, and then hang them on your wall to show off to family and friends!

While our courses are not officially recognized by official institutions, the real question here is about Italian proficiency.

Our Flagship program, included with your Italy Made Easy Membership, is From Zero To Italian. This is the program for those who are serious about learning Italian to fluency. And yes, this program does align with the CEFR.

The main difference is that our Intermediate levels, which correspond to B1 and B2 are split into four separate levels. This allows you to go much more in-depth into the content to develop a far greater understanding of the concepts introduced than you would otherwise get with other courses following the traditional model.

Here is how our courses in From Zero To Italian align with the CEFR:

Beginner Italian Level 1 -> A1
Beginner Italian Level 2 -> A2

Intermediate Italian Level 1 } B1
Intermediate Italian Level 2 } B1

Intermediate Italian Level 3 } B2
Intermediate Italian Level 4 } B2

Advanced Italian Level 1 -> C1
Advanced Italian Level 2 -> C2

The important thing for you to know is that our programs are the best at preparing you for any official assessment of your Italian knowedlge.

At each level, your knowledge and understanding of the Italian language will be much deeper than those who try other courses and programs.

So, if you do have an upcoming Italian exam at some point in the future, not only will we help you pass it, but by learning with Italy Made Easy, you will smash it!

Yes, you really can! The testimonials and reviews of thousands of our students are clear proof of the fact. If you've never taken an online course or program before, there is absolutely no need to worry!

For many of our students it was their first time too, and they are all elated at the success they have had learning Italian with Italy Made Easy.
Our approach to learning Italian, our unique Method proven to get results, the structure and style of our courses, the constant support from our team, as well as your engagement and interaction with other students are all factors that contribute to your success learning Italian online with Italy Made Easy.

While online learning can be an isolating and daunting experience, with Italy Made Easy, you will never be alone, and it may just be the most fun and rewarding experience you've ever had!

Membership and Payment

As a member of our platform you have unrestricted access to all our resources.
You can choose the payment option that best suits your needs and commitment.
We have two pricing options:

Yearly Membership USD 480 (that's just $40 a month; less than the cost of a private lesson!) – also payable in 3 installments.

Lifetime Memebership USD 990  (Pay once, access for life!) – also payable in 3 installments.

Both plans offer unrestricted access to the entire platform. The only distinction lies in the duration: the 1-Year Membership grants access for a full year, while the Lifetime plan ensure access forever.

As a member of our platform you have unrestricted access to all our resources.
You can choose the payment option that best suits your needs and commitment.

Both plans offer unlimited access to the entire platform, with the only difference being the duration. The 1-Year Membership grants access for a year, while the Lifetime plan ensures access forever.

Payment for your subscription to Italy Made Easy is done using Stripe, which is a fast, simple and 100% secure online payment system. In fact, it is the world's most trusted online payment system. Accepted payment methods are by credit card or debit card only. We do not use PayPal as, unfortunately, their technology and services do not allow us to offer our students the amazing flexibility and freedom we wish to provide in terms of user self-management of their subscription.

We are confident you will love our platform. However, should you decide it's not right for you for any reason, we offer a full refund of your purchase price within the first 14 days. No questions asked. Simply request a refund directly from your account settings, and it will be issued immediately.

You can log in from any device you own, but only one device at a time. Simultaneous logins are not allowed.
You only need a browser, and we suggest using Google Chrome for our students to have a better browsing experience.
From your devices, besides the lessons of our courses, you'll be able to join our private social network, and to take advantage of all the areas of our Platform.
To view PDFs on your device, you only need a PDF viewer tool.
You can also choose to print them if desired.