Italian Food: Dying Italian Culinary Traditions

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Pizza, pasta and the mandolin! This is an old stereotype that highlights an irrefutable truth: We Italians absolutely love food! Yes, we eat a lot and we are proud of our dishes, our recipes and our culinary traditions.

But, like all cultures, they evolve. Italy is becoming more and more “similar” to other cultures. And the price that Italy pays is the gradual loss of ancient traditions, usually for reasons of practicality and lack of time. Basically, it’s now much more convenient to buy a can of passata rather than making it at home, isn’t it?

This podcast is in 100% Italian – spoken at a slower pace, in clear and authentic Italian. It has been designed specifically as a Listening and Comprehension exercise to help you improve your Italian. Download the bonus PDF for some super useful learning resources, including the full transcript and great comprehension exercises.

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

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1. Per gli italiani mangiare è un vero e proprio rito
For Italians, eating is a true and proper ritual

2. Nei locali italiani non trovate la cucina italiana tipica
In Italian food establishments you cannot find typical Italian food

3. Gli italiani sono molto orgogliosi della cucina nazionale
Italians are very proud of their national cuisine

4. La “cucina della nonna” è il nome di un famoso ristorante italiano
“Cucina della nonna” is the name of a famous Italian restaurant

5. Gli italiani considerano la cucina dei ristoranti migliore di quella casalinga
Italians consider the food at restaurants better than homemade

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