Italian Trash TV – A cultural phenomenon
or just bad TV?

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In this podcast episode we are going to talk about Italian trash TV… The low quality programming that now dominates Italian airwaves. People fighting and insulting each other, strangely, in the search for love.

Alongside high quality Italian TV shows, though these are becoming more and more rare, you can see why these programs are labeled as “trash”. Prepare yourselves, we are about to delve into the ugly side of Italian TV.

This podcast is in 100% Italian – spoken at a slower pace, in clear and authentic Italian. It has been designed specifically as a Listening and Comprehension exercise to help you improve your Italian. Download the bonus PDF for some super useful learning resources, including the full transcript and great comprehension exercises.

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

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1. In Italia la TV spazzatura è sempre esistita, fin dalle origini
In Italy trash TV has always existed, since the beginning

2. Gli italiani sono stati subito entusiasti della TV
Italians were enthusiastic about TV straight away

3. All’inizio la TV italiana aveva un solo canale
In the beginning Italian TV only had one channel

4. I primi spettacoli della TV italiana erano solo una forma di divertimento
The first Italian TV shows were just a form of entertainment

5. La televisione in Italia ha aiutato a combattere l’analfabetismo
Television in Italy helped to combat illiteracy

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