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Italy Made Easy Podcast is THE podcast for you if you want to improve your Italian Listening and Comprehension skills and have fun doing it at the same time!

Italy Made Easy Podcast is like no other Italian podcast out there, it is specifically designed as a learning tool to help you improve your Italian. 


Here’s how our Italian podcast can help you:

The podcast episodes star Manu - the brain (and voice) behind Italy Made Easy

The PDF can be downloaded directly from the Italy Made Easy Podcast page - so convenient!

The audio quality is very high and of a professional standard, so crisp and clear, it’s a pleasure to listen to!

Every episode discusses a fun and interesting topic, so you will always learn something new about Italian life and culture

You will have the opportunity to significantly improve your comprehension of spoken Italian

Increase your vocabulary, learn new phrases and idiomatic expressions with every episode

Every episode comes with a downloadable PDF that contains a full written transcript of the podcast in Italian so you can read along while listening, ensuring that you don’t miss a single word

The PDF also contains a series of comprehension questions, with answers included, relating to the content of the podcast, so you will be able to see how much you understood from the podcast - a fun and educational challenge!

The podcasts are spoken in slower than normal but completely natural Italian, so you will be able to understand more than you normally would if you were listening to audio content made for native Italians

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