The Italian Aperitivo

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The culture of the Italian Aperitivo

In Italy, the aperitivo is sacred. It’s a real and genuine rituale, often taking place after a hard day’s work, and is a custom that Italians have always loved to partake in.

Over the years it has changed, it’s evolved, but it’s always remained firmly anchored in Italian tradition. Let’s discover together what the Italian aperitivo offers: a real, authentic Italian experience all about the pleasure of being with others.

This podcast is in 100% Italian – spoken at a slower pace, in clear and authentic Italian. It has been designed specifically as a Listening and Comprehension exercise to help you improve your Italian. Download the bonus PDF for some super useful learning resources, including the full transcript and great comprehension exercises.

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Here are your TRUE/ FALSE Comprehension questions.

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1. L’aperitivo è semplicemente la bevanda che si beve prima di cena
The aperitivo is simply the drink that you have before dinner

2. L’usanza dell’aperitivo in Italia è recente
The custom of the aperitivo in Italy is recent

3. Il primo re d’Italia amava l’usanza di fare l’aperitivo
The first king of Italy loved the custom of having an aperitivo

4. L’usanza dell’aperitivo è nata a Milano
The custom of the aperitivo was born in Milan

5. Al Sud Italia non si usa fare l’aperitivo
They don’t have the aperitivo in the south of Italy


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